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Mission Manduhai Mission Statement 2009:

I am originally from Mongolia, and now a US citizen living in Minneapolis. When I was in Mongolia I was physically and mentally abused. Even though I was successful in the circus world, my personal life affected me greatly, physically and emotionally. I am still suffering from the abuse of my younger days after many painful and expensive operations to try to reconstruct my jaw and teeth. The story of my abuse is not pretty, but unfortunately it is not a unique one in Mongolia. It is accepted in Mongolia that the men control the women. Often, if the women don’t obey they are beaten.

One in three Mongolian women have been the victim of domestic abuse. Sadly, the problem of abuse is worldwide, even here at home. But here in Minnesota, women have access to information through billboards, TV and radio ads, and news programs that make a positive change impact, but where do you turn as a nomadic herder in Mongolia, where there are no neighbors? I wanted to find ways to help in Minnesota as well as Mongolia.

So I created Mission Manduhai. We will travel to the far reaches of Mongolia were there are no billboards, no television, no electricity or running water for that matter. A talented group of circus performers will put on a free show for these nomadic herders, raising awareness during and after our performances about the problem of domestic abuse. Partnering with National Center Against Violence (NCAV) in Mongolia, we will give these nomadic people a strong positive message, information about how women can get out of a dangerous situation, and resources to help them to a better life. These free circus performances will also enable us to reach the children and give the message to the younger generation.

Upon returning to Minnesota, Mission Manduhai will continue its work, promoting awareness through lectures/presentations/performances at local schools and libraries, while continuing to collaborate with Mongolia’s NCAV with ongoing missions.

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