About Chimgee

As a child, Chimgee witnessed her father’s frequent beatings of her mother. She excelled in gymnastics and was talented enough to be selected from over 500 other children for a place in the prestigious Mongolian Circus School. She graduated with the highest possible honors from this four-year college, proficient in all circus skills, and joined the Mongolian State Circus. While performing all over Mongolia, Russia and Europe, Chimgee married a fellow circus performer and became a victim of domestic abuse herself, suffering many injuries including a broken jaw and the loss of teeth.

Since then, the Ministry of Culture in Mongolia has honored Chimgee with its highest citizen award: the “Foremost Cultural Worker” in part for her efforts in spreading awareness of domestic violence and what women can do. Last year, she received the “2012 Amazing Woman” award at the Mongolian Women’s Conference in Chicago. She is happily remarried and lives in Minneapolis, working throught her charity Mission Manduhai to aid those in her homeland.


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