About Mission Manduhai

Chimgee is passionate about continuing her successful humanitarian mission trips to her home country, Mongolia, traveling again in the summer of 2013. This trip, like her 2010 and 2011 missions, was an outreach to people living in remote areas, educating them how to prevent abuse and how to survive domestic violence.

The success of her mission is based on providing free entertainment to local people in order to attract attention, then educating and distributing leaflets with information before and after the show. Being a family show, the children of Mongolia will be able to hear that domestic abuse is wrong. As Chimgee says, “Changing the culture in one day is impossible, but we want to send our message to the younger generation.” Her two previous Mission Manduhai groups traveled to first northern and then southern Mongolia. In 2013, Mission Manduhai traveled to western Mongolia with a free international children’s show including performers from Circus Juventas.


Chimgeee also gave a CLE seminar/speech/film screening in early May 2017 for the organization "Global Rights for Women"

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