Mission Manduhai 2015 Update

 In August and September of 2015 Mission Manduhai made its fifth journey to Mongolia to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse. This year the group of 15 Americans and Mongolians travelled to the northeast area of Mongolia, covering 1886 kilometers, performing 15 shows in 13 villages. One performance was given in a jail for men who were convicted of domestic violence.

Over 2,500 flyers were handed out at these performances. Two different versions were handed out this year. One had phone numbers for the Mission Manduhai hotline and other help numbers, the other educated how to get out of or help others in an abusive situation.

Mission Manduhai met again with the National Center Against Violence and will continue to support the NCAV and fund the hotline. A representative from NCAV also travelled with the group again this year.

A Few Words From Our 2015 Members

I am a student and performer at Circus Juventas, and this summer I was privileged enough to travel to Mongolia with my coach, Chimgee, to be a part of her mission to stop domestic abuse in the rural countryside. After arriving in Mongolia we joined up with four Mongolian circus performers who performed with us to support Mission Manduhai. The shows raised awareness for domestic abuse by drawing everyone to a central location where we could hand them fliers after the show. It was an enlightening experience because it was awakening to be able to help people in another country who do not have the luxuries and security that we are afforded, and to expose myself to the daily practices and behaviors of a vastly different culture.     -Miaja Lemieux

I am so thankful that Chimgee chose to bring me to Mongolia with her this year. It was truly such an amazing and eye opening experience that I will cherish forever. Prior to this trip, I knew very little about Mongolia. Now, I would give anything to go back. The people I was able to connect with while in Mongolia were truly some of the most caring and genuine people I have had the pleasure of meeting. This experience gave me the opportunity to help others, but also showed the work that still needs to be done to battle domestic abuse. I am honored to have been part of Mission Manduhai and the fight against domestic abuse in Mongolia.       -Jenna Ober

Three of my aunt Chimgee’s students and I were honored to go to Mongolia with her this summer, to help her with Mission Manduhai. I really enjoyed the trip and mission work. It was a great experience, not only because I got to meet my family there but it was really interesting to see life and culture in another country. I’m glad I got to help out with Mission Manduhai because we were making a difference and putting a stop to domestic abuse. After we did a show we handed out cards and pamphlets to the audience. It was rewarding seeing everyone want one; it made it feel like we had accomplished what we went there to do. Looking back at it now I realize how lucky we are because we have some things that seem like we can’t live without them, when in Mongolia some people actually live without them. I really miss Mongolia and hope to go again.   -Anwar Hassouni

Fundraisor 2015

The Mission Manduhai 2015 fundraiser was held on May 16th and was very successful, raising over $3,500 for the 2015 expedition.  The four performers who will be traveling to Mongolia had the opportunity to practice their routines, and guest artist pianist Marjorie Poe traveled from California to perform some Mongolian songs. Tamir Bayarsaihan, a circus performer who was a member of the first Mission Manduhai expedition also displayed his fine circus skills. The Eron Woods Trio filled out the evenings performances.  Much appreciation goes to all of the volunteers who made this event possible. Also, thanks to Immanuel Lutheran Church for being a great host for this event.

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