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Amid COVID-19 Mission Manduhai performed to entertain children of frontline workers as a Thank You for all of their hard work

Mission Manduhai is committed to ending domestic abuse around the world. Here are some highlights of Mission Manduhai’s work in the United States:

Lecture and Q&A with Global Rights for Women

Advocates for Human Rights Awards Dinner, June 2014

Lecture at Carlton College

Monitoring Domestic Abuse in Mongolia Symposium with Advocates for Human Rights

Displayed Internationally in "Our Voice" Photo Exhibition by Mareike Gunsche

Recent Notes from Mill City Commons

Dear Chimgee,


Thank you so much for connecting with Mill City Commons on Zoom tonight. Your amazing positivity and heartfelt stories are truly inspiring. Not only are you an exceptional performer, you gave all of us much to think about in terms of the meaning of resilience, community, determination, joy and human kindness. You have exceeded your goals with the creation and work Mission Manduhai is doing to educate young people on why abuse is wrong and provide safe options for people being abused. The energy you exude is infectious and you are a wonderful example of what continual forward thinking and goal-setting can accomplish. Thank you for sharing your story and incredible achievements. We wish you much success in the great work you continue to do. Thank you!


In Gratitude and Appeciation,

Mill City Commons Members and Staff

Hi Chimgee -
I must tell you how wonderful you were this evening.  Your stories are so uplifting and inspiring.  Your hard work, spirit and passion are infectious.
You looked so comfortable in being interviewed.  I know that even though you’ve rarely spoken like this - it was very well received.
With heartfelt thanks,
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