About Mission Manduhai

Mission Manduhai was founded in 2010 by circus artist Chimgee Haltarhuu. It became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2014. Mission Manduhai takes annual or biennial trips to Mongolia where they perform free circus shows in remote areas. These shows attract large crowds. Before, during, and after the performances, the audience is given information about the new domestic abuse laws in Mongolia. Additionally, the performers distribute the phone number to a hotline that supports victims of abuse. This hotline was established by Mission Manduhai in 2013 to assist the National Center Against Violence. Mission Manduhai also visits women’s shelters in Mongolia, where they give free performances and donate clothing and supplies. In the US, Mission Manduhai gives lectures and seminars that highlight their progress. In 2017, a documentary film called “The Circus Saved My Life” was made about Chimgee and Mission Manduhai.

Mission Statement

Mission Manduhai aims to prevent domestic violence and raise awareness of women’s rights in the United States and Mongolia through culturally relevant programming and promotion of applicable federal and local laws.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Mission Manduhai is to share information about the rights of those who suffer from domestic violence, especially domestic abuse in Mongolia and countries with similar cultural norms; educate and provide resources to help people in abusive relationships find a better life; promote awareness locally, in Mongolia and throughout the world, through lectures, presentations and performances; and collaborate and partner with Mongolia’s National Center Against Violence.

Who Was Manduhai?

Mission Manduhai is named after the great Mongolian Queen Manduhai. She was a descendent of Genghis Khan who helped return the Mongol Dynasty to prominence in the late 1400’s.  Manduhai is known for her bravery, intelligence and perseverance. 

About the Founder

Chimgee Haltarhuu was born in Mongolia in 1964. She graduated from the Mongolian State Circus College in 1984 and performed all over the world in the Mongolian State Circus. In 1991, Chimgee came to the USA to join Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.  She performed with them for five years. Chimgee performed with several other shows before finally settling in Minneapolis, MN. Chimgee started coaching circus in 1997 and has worked at Circus Juventas in St. Paul, MN since 2002. With her own family show, Circus Manduhai, Chimgee performs shows around the Twin Cities and upper Midwest.

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